Sunday, 14 April 2013


103/365 - Devoran - hard to believe that when I went to work this morning at 8am it was blowing a hooley, pouring with rain and grey skies.  By 1pm when I set off for my walk the sky was blue and stayed like that for the rest of the day.

Headed over to the Bissoe Trail again today for a twelve mile walk.  Not only was I eager to see if the leg would hold out for the distance but I also wanted to try 'Runkeeper' an app I had downloaded onto my phone to work out the distance, time etc I was walking.  It was fantastic, every five minutes it updated me with the time, distance, mins per mile and showed calories and average distances.  Really pleased with it. This was a view on the walk, just prior to taking this a rather nice looking fit young man had run passed us, unfortunately I was too slow and didn't get him in the photo, or maybe he had speeded up having seen us from the front lol.  Maybe he was thinking 1664 - 16 from behind, 64 from the front!!

Both these photos were taken with my phone, which I am starting to use more often on walks.
Oh car update, obviously didn't have my name on it.  Mick spoke to the chap again today and double checked it all and the chap agreed to keep it as he was travelling up so far.  Then Mick did a hp check on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OOps looks like a slight false description, it is marked as a class D which apparently means it has been seriously damaged and re built - minor detail!!!!!  Fifteen pound well spent on the check me thinks.  Hey ho, back to the drawing board.

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  1. well done on the hp check, good luck for finding a car


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