Sunday, 14 April 2013

POTD & Car Update

102/365 - Comebellacks Scrapyard, Roche, we had to pop into the scrapyard again and this lorry with it's squashed load was waiting to go out,

This afternoon we went out car hunting again. Whilst I was at work Mick spent the morning surfing for a suitable car with no luck.  As I had mentioned before I just want something small that is economical because of the travelling I do and something that is a bit of fun.  I don't need or want speed or anything fancy - just four wheels with a body on top.  Anyway we had talked about a C4 or C3 then the C2 and then the C1.  So I suggested we went over to the Citroen garage and have a look at the different models and maybe a test drive.  Well much to my surprise and Mick's he was very impressed with the C1, we had a test drive and I have fallen in love.  We drove the 5 door version and it went really well with three of us in it - bearing in mind normally it will only be me in the car on my tod!   So we then came home, Mick started his search again and hey ho he has found one just like this one below but in blue my favourite colour !!! 

I cannot believe how excited I am, me who couldn't care less about cars. The only problem is the car is in Heathrow........... which is approx. 3.75 hrs away from us, so it looks like Mick and his brother (I'm working)  will be having a day out on Monday and hopefully fingers crossed I will have a new toy on Monday.
Mick is now muttering that it will probably be gone by Monday, so in my true style I have said, (as I always say and drive the family mad with), "que sera sera", if it has my name on it, then it will be there, if not then there is something better out there with my name on" So hope it has my name on.


  1. Hi Karen, I've got my fingers and everything else crossed for you!

  2. Happy hunting - hope it has your name on it too x

  3. Do you think the red squashed car was yours?

    Hope the new car does have your name on it on Monday :) I await the news!!


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