Monday, 15 April 2013

Musical Memories

At Lucky Snapping HQ's Kathie has challenged us to write about music that transport you back in time.  Well anyone who knows, knows I am a big music fan so this prompt is perfect for me and I could/might be able to keep it going all week!!
With that in mind I have decided to take you back to my childhood and my first musical influence in my life and that would be my MUM :) Jim Reeves, Al Martino - Spanish Eyes and Val Doonican. I shall confess to watching his show every week and mum even took me to see him in concert and go back stage to meet him. On hindsight he probably was feeling the gap left in my life when dad died. The first song that sprang to mind was The Special Years - mum use to sing it to me and I have often thought of it as my girls have grown up. So who remembers the rocking chair and Saturday nights and this song 

So many I could have chosen from.
So going to love this challenge, thanks Kathi.


  1. Beautiful song - thank you for sharing this with us.
    Have a nice day!

  2. A lovely choice to start with, DH is busy singing along, he is a huge music buff for this type of music and he would be the age of your parents I guess!!

    I am going to struggle with this but have my forst one up my sleeve from my sons childhood and it will all make you laugh!!

    Has the car arrived home yet|?

  3. Thanks Karen, yes there are so many and already you have given me memories of my own Mum in much the same situation, it was Jim Reeves 'I love You Because..' You only really appreciate it when you are as old as we are and imagine being in that situation.. xxxxx

  4. oh my Karen...this is way before my time lol!!!

  5. Never heard about him or the song but how beautiful ! xx

  6. I was wondering what prompted all these memories ;) now I know! Great challenge... makes me think now ;)

  7. I haven't heard that song before, thanks for sharing, its lovely


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