Monday, 16 April 2012

Half way through the 26wks challenge!!

Cannot believe we have hit the half way mark on this challenge - scary.

The next challenge is to "walk approx 1/2 mile from your door (front or back which ever!) then stop and have a really good look around you and then take ONLY five photos - not hundreds and then choose five - just take five.  The idea here is to make you really look at your environment, consider what you want to photograph, and how you are going to photograph it.  Think about composition, light and why you are taking the photo - what do you want to show to your viewer, what story are you trying to tell and why.  Then when you have done that post them all (5) by the 29th April.  Most importantly have fun and enjoy the process of looking and photographing.

In the meantime here are some of last week's POTD images.

April 11th
 Messing around in PS again, trying to make a poor photo half decent!! Not sure if it worked but hey ho, I quite like it.

April 12th
More flowers - not feeling very inspired of late so back to the flowers to get me going again.

April 14th
I love photos of Blossom and realised that I hadn't taken any, so during a walk from St Just to St Mawes on Sat I did just that - good old hawthorn blossom. Love the dof on this one.

And one last one, my monthly shot, the trees from a distance still look boring but close up they are starting to bud, so hopefully next month we will see more change.

This was taken early before 9am hence the amount of traffic - my supervisor did ask me the following day what on earth was I taking pictures of - that is her red car on her way to work!!  Just as well she knows I'm abit odd :D

Thanks for looking.


  1. This is a good one Karen, I'll join in, as I can do it from my new home - as long as we are back on-line by then.
    Joy xx

  2. A lovely selection,I am never bored with flowers. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to doing this one. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

  4. i'm on this one Karen - no excuse not to get them photos. Lovely flower photos!

  5. Flowers always make me smile and these are gorgeous. Diane


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