Friday, 20 April 2012

Let the summer preparations begin.

I am sure I am not the only one at the moment thinking about the summer and holidays and the winter weight that is sitting happily where my waist use to be (I vaguely rememeber having one years ago!) and thinking about trying to reclaim my wasit line and a few other defining lines ready to don the summer wardrobe - so whilst tucking into a wonderful toasted teacake and second round of tea with Yvonne yesterday we decided to start a diet - no fads just sensible eating and reduced portions, weighing in once a week, writing everything down that we eat each day (this is the hard bit for me actually confessing to what I pop in my mouth on an hourly basis.....scary!!) oh and the dreaded exercise.  So this morning was the big weigh in and measure for us and so far so good, (probably due to being in someone else's house all day - but that is another story I shall tell you about over the weekend). I haven't eaten the finger of fudge that is shouting at me everytime I open the cupboard and I walked straight passed the choc and crisp display in the shop even though my tummy screams could be heard a mile away. So you may be wondering why am I posting this - well it is the usual with me, the more people I tell the more likely I am to stick to it - simplas!!  This could be a struggle for me as I do love food but then I did love my wine and I gave that up for lent and haven't gone back to it ..........yet!! Sure I will come the end of May when we pop over to France for a few days :)   So if any of you want to join us feel free, no I am not posting my weight or measurements but I will be honest and say what I loose  or gain as the case may be each week.

 So bye bye yummy tarts
(this is an old photo of approx 4.5yrs - still have the top but can't do the buttons up lol)

Hello summer holidays


  1. Roll on summertime, all the best with the new regime, the secret is not to have the temptations in the house. :)

  2. Sending big hugs and keep it up. You know you want to xxxx

  3. Hey, is that the scrap 'me' page picture, I always thought it was a piece of fruit.. see, you could have conned me!
    I had a few good weeks but the last few days have had Ross in the office and he keeps giving me biscuits and sweets. Need better weather really don't we, but yes, less on the plate and less goodies.. not so sure about the exercise though!

  4. You are courageous and I wish I had your resolve, unfortunately I just got even more treats and chocolates from France today so I can't say I could start any dieting for few days :P I do need it though!
    Looking forward to hearing about your progress, I am most interested in your "dreaded" exercise routine.

  5. Well done for starting Karen, thats the hardest part, I'll maybe join you after our imminent house move. Good luck xx

  6. A tart!!! I thought it was fruit... a lemon or orange slice!!

    Wishing you lots of luck, i need to get back on it but my will power has done a runner xx


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