Sunday, 15 April 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Doors

I only have two doors to share this time around :(, theres are two in Mevagissey.  Both are on the main road through Meva which at the moment we can walk down but come the summer it is horrendous and I refuse point blank to drive down it - really only room for one car.  I love the stone work and style and of course the house name!

 This one Mick pointed out to me, just a shame someone had to alter it! That is an actual whale bone above the name. Once again this one is on the main road as you can tell with the double yellows outside the doorstep!

Can't say which I prefer as I am not happy with any of the photos Im taking at the moment - so more for documenary than being good.


  1. I like the bright blue door! the black one looks a little uncared for and unloved :( xx

  2. I agree with Louise - I prefer the blue door and I love the detail of the stonework in that photo.

    For the next challenge, are we showing all 5 photos or just the usual 3 out of the 5 taken in the fortnight?

  3. I really like how just two doors give so much information!!! Even my kid passing by said "this HAS to be in England!" :) I am glad to say that I finally played again and posted some very different doors (maybe you will think "this HAS to be California" :) Looking forward to playing again in the next round, mapping a 1/2 mile radius around my house to see which direction to take :D Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Hi there - double yellow lines - now there's a thing I dont miss!
    The battle against the virus continues - I think I may be starting to win!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  5. I have a fascination with doors as well. :)

  6. Great photos Karen, I love the blue one but think the black one has more character xx


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