Saturday, 9 January 2016

First Week Gone

Well that is it we are truly into the new year now with the first week gone.  So many people have said to me 'it has flown by' and I feel happy to say no this week hasn't, I actually feel like I have been present in each day, if that makes sense!  It has been a good week, yes busy and tiring.  There have been dramas at work - that I really struggle to deal with, I tend to just walk away and let them get on with it (I don't do drama's!!).  Plus, I have decided to come off Face book for a while, I have been losing interest in it for some time and tend to use it mainly for chatting to people but I am sure there are others ways to communicate - like the phone, or even the old fashioned way of face to face!!!!!  Now that is scary lol.  It feels a bit odd at the moment as I keep having the urge to peek on there but sure that will fade very soon.  I have also removed messenger from my phone!! 
I have managed to get out walking three times this week, so very pleased with that and it was a big 5.3miles this morning - admittedly not that great a distance but it is the longest I have done for some time, the hip and ankle are making small grumblings but they will have to put up with it.  I am also back into doing some regular yoga and started meditating and it is all feeling good, hope I can keep it up.
As I haven't been near my camera this week I was looking for an image on the internet with some meaningful quote to post but I couldn't find one that felt right so instead I have settle for this image of mine and put on there what I am feeling right now.

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  1. It sounds like you have made a brilliant start to the year Karen with a wonderful positive attitude, I think 5.3 miles is something to be proud of! I'm looking forward to getting back to yoga next and we are settling nicely into our new year routine.


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