Monday, 4 January 2016

Winter Scavenger Hunt - first three.

Once again I am joining in with Joy and Eileen and their Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt,  So far I have not done very well.  Yesterday I planned to photograph certain items off the tree to tick a few off the list, then Amanda offered to help me take the tree down and I jumped at her offer and didn't remember about the photos until everything was packed away in the loft for another year!!!!  So back to square one!

Here are my first three from the list.

2.  Tinsel 

7.  Berries/nuts,

8.  A Wreath,

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  1. But you've made a start so that's good! You may have taken your trimmings down but I'm sure some of the pubs still have theirs up so it's a good excuse for a pub crawl!!


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