Sunday, 10 January 2016

Going Away

Well we made a fairly quick decision yesterday and booked a week in Lanzarote at the start of March.  I have a few days annual leave to use up and I hadn't been too bothered about going anywhere, then one day this week I just thought - I do need a few days off work to be able to step back and get away from the negativity that is there at the moment.  Naturally Mick did not taking any persuading what so ever and immediately started researching a package.  So here we go, some sun to look forward to in 9 wks time :) 

We have been once before when the girls were at primary school and I have never forgiven myself for not backing up the digital photos from that holiday as we lost them all when the computer crashed!!!  Having said that I am not much better at backing up my images these days, but will do them today for 2016.  Another job to today's list!!!


  1. lovely, you'll have a super time.

  2. That's something to look forward to!! Never been there myself, so will look out for your views and photos! :)

  3. Come back feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to deal with everything!


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