Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sports clothing shoot

Last week I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone yet again and this time I did it for my brother.  He is in the process of designing and producing triathlon clothing and in my usual manner I offered to take some photos for him for the website!!!!  Not for one moment did I realise just how difficult this would be and believe it or not the difficult part has been getting someone to model them, still struggling for a male model (been let down twice by same guy so now told him to forget it!!) I have never worked with a model before who I don't know and Ian wanted the photos on the beach which meant people watching what I am doing (well in my head they are!!)  So I dragged my photo partner in crime - Lucy, in on the shoot and last Thurs we headed over to Falmouth to photograph Melissa who does some modelling and just happens to take part in Triathlons which made it very handy as I wanted her to swim in the sea.
So here are a few from the shoot, I apologise if you have seen these on face book already!


Melissa was a great sport and did everything we asked of her.  She modelled on a 'time for prints' basis which is good.  As for me and worrying about people watching me lol all eyes were on Melissa and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the shoot.
Not just saying this because it is my brothers stuff but the clothing is lovely, really soft, looks and feels great - makes me want to get fit again lol.

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