Saturday, 11 July 2015

Eden Sessions

A slight break from the holiday snaps.  Thursday evening Barbara and I went to see Spandau Ballet perform at the Eden Project - they were brilliant I have to say.  Loved them when they were popular in the 80's but never saw them live.  They put on a great performance and were so obviously enjoying themselves - a great evening. Anyway here are some pics for you, not great as I was definitely one of the shortest people there and was surrounded by a number of tall men!!!

In front of us were two couples and the guys were soooooo bored it was hilarious.  Their wives said that whilst out one night the guys got so drunk that they agreed to come to see Spandau Ballet and here they were, so funny!!!!  Then yesterday whilst talking to Bernadette on the phone she was asking how the evening went and the conversation went as follows. 
 "How was Eden?" 
"Really good, brought back so many memories!"
"Of what?"
"My college days"
"Oh!  I never knew you liked or did ballet!"
Well talk about making me laugh, still chuckling whilst writing this lol. Bless her.


  1. Being surrounded by tall men ... sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed the evening.

  2. lol Eileen, I did consider pinching a few bums to work my way through so I could see but thought I had best behave!! ;) x

  3. thats made me laugh Karen, and made me feel really old!
    I bet they were great to watch x

  4. What a brilliant place to watch Spandau Ballet. ;) to the men. It is lovely to catch up with you.


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