Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 3 - Bike Trip

Not many photos from Day 3 as most of the day was spent on the bike travelling, we had a lot of miles to cover this day and we did find ourselves on toll roads which are so boring for both of us, so I have added a few from day 4!  We had a have a few stops just to stretch the legs and straighten the old hip out.  Our destination was Ponticosa.  This is a small village at the bottom on the Pyrenees and is used during the sking season, it is absolutely lovely here but very obviously geared for skiers.

 This stream runs through the village, can't say I have seen a rose growing in a stream before must have a had life when the snow melts!

The next few are from Day 4, the Pyrennes National Park - absolutely beautiful, I would love to go back and walk up there, must be an amazing view from the top!

I /we don't do selfies but made a point of trying whilst away. It was rather windy this morning and the sun in my eyes hence I have two slits in place of eyes!! Hey ho lol it had to be done!

I wanted a field of sunflowers but the most stunning fields were in places where we couldn't stop - so I settled for this one! 

In the evening we went into Bergerac for some food and a look around. I have come across this before in France where suddenly from no where some one appears with some music and starts playing and before you know it people start dancing in the street and have a amazing time, I so wish I could dance and join in. It is all so very social and then at the end of the evening they all say goodbye and disappear! Like a dream.

I really like the second shot, though it was purely down to not s
Checking camera settings and too much vino lol.

I will show some more of day 4 in the next post, which I will warn you now will be photo heavy and not everyone's cup of tea! 


  1. Loving the blurry shot of the dancers, probably just how you saw them after too much vino :-)
    Joy xx

  2. I like your second dancing shot as well - great capture of the movement, even if unintentional!


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