Saturday, 27 June 2015

Love/Hate Challenge

Eileen over at In My Playroom nominated me for the Love/Hate challenge, where I have to list ten things I love and ten I hate, this was not as easy as I originally thought. So here goes ....

Ten things I love
  1. Being out on the motorbike with Mick,
  2. Spending time with Mick and the girls,
  3. Tomatoes,
  4. My job,
  5. Challenging myself,
  6. Soaking in the bath,
  7. The smell of freshly cut grass,
  8. Spending time with my friends,
  9. Social media (eek did I really admit that!!),
  10. Nature,

Ten things I hate
  1. Rats,
  2. Angel delight and anything similar in texture,
  3. My lack of will power and self discipline,
  4. Gossip,
  5. Two face-ness in people,
  6. Disrespect for others and property,
  7. Housework,
  8. Coffee in any form,
  9. Inconsiderate drivers,
  10. Football.
Actually enjoyed this as it really made me think as to what I dislike.  I am suppose to nominate ten people to join in with this but not sure if I know ten who will lol so I am going to say anyone who wants to take part go for it, let me know though in a comment so I can come and see your love/hates :) x


  1. Angel delight - that's an interesting one!

  2. might have a think on this myself xx

  3. I've only just seen this Karen, so sorry for the late response. Thanks for joining in ... two great lists and I definitely agree with you on hating rats. I've never understood how people keep them for pets.


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