Monday, 6 July 2015

Day one of our bike trip

We left Plymouth on Sunday at 4.15pm, thank fully we had a calm crossing and a cabin so I made the effort to get up early, 6am to be precise, in order to go up to the top deck for a spot of whale and dolphin watching - or not as the case maybe - 2hrs later I gave up, cold and in need a cuppa!!  I had seen some common dolphins but we were so high up they were tiny and they move  very quick, this was the best I could do with a 400mm lens and this is heavily cropped, still at least I saw some!!

We had no trouble getting off the boat in Santander, considering the number of bikes that were on there.  It was lovely to be on the bike in the sun but it soon turned into discomfort as the temperature rose and rose to 36 degrees. Usually this would be lovely if in shorts and t shirts but we were in full motorbike gear, plus I had a pair of leggings on underneath, never thinking for one minute it would be so hot! I can only say I must of loss a couple of pounds in perspiration that day!!

Camalerio - I had every intention of going up in the cable car until Mick said he wouldn't be going up 
as he did it last time he was over and he clung to the poll in the middle of it!!!!!!

The fact that I am abit scared of heights put me off going on my own plus the thought of having a wobbly half way up in the company of strangers convinced me I would have to miss out on this experience.  
The circle at the top is the cable car hut.

The circle in the middle of the photo is the cable car going up, hopefully you can gain a sense of scale. Apparently the last part of the cable car goes up vertically like a lift.

I would like to say Mick chilling but there was no chilling involved lol

La  Pernia - stopped on route to our first hotel to take this shot. 

Vanes - drove through a small hamlet where we spotted these on roof tops, telegraph poles and chimneys. 

We arrived at the hotel and as Mick had stayed here before with the boys he asked for a room at the back,  when we got in the room I could see why as this was the view from our room  was our belated 25th wedding anniversary treat to ourselves. 

I shall post photos from each day as I get them edited. 

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