Saturday, 20 June 2015

Elton John - Singing the Blues

What an amazing evening I had this week, I went to see Sir Elton live at The Eden Project.  I haven't been there before for a concert so not too sure what to expect, but it was excellent.  Yes it is standing only and small but that made it more enjoyable I think, plus it was on my doorstep!!!  Even better.  Originally Mick and I were going with a couple of friends, Nick and Barbara, then on Tues the men bailed on us!!! Which in hindsight was just as well, not really their thing.  So another friend bought Nick's ticket and Yvonne had Mick's ticket and then another friend of mine managed to get a late ticket and joined us, so five altogether and what a fantastic night we had.  There were rumours that Elton's voice had gone and he should retire etc etc but don't believe them, his voice is still there and he did interact with the crowd and boy was he good.  And I am not actually a big fan of his!!  Just couldn't miss the experience. Anyway here are some pics.  Off to see Spandau Ballet in a couple of weeks here :)



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