Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fox and Swans - sounds like a pub!!

Well I can't believe we are already nearly half way through June, this year is just flying by way too quick for my liking!!!  Our new visitor (my last post) is now a regular visitor.  Mr Todd (very original name for him!!) comes along most days early evening for a root around and to pose for some photos.  I am improving in what I am getting but still have a long way to go before I am really happy.

Here are a couple of the latest, I promise not to bore you too much with these!! lol

On Sunday we went over to People and Gardens for a Big Lunch they were putting on, it was perfect weather and everyone brought a lovely selection of food.  Afterwards I gave Mick and our friends a tour around the nursery.  We spotted this amazing flower inside one of the greenhouses and I was able to slip in and get a photo.  No idea what it is but it was taller than I am so this was taken hands held above my head on tip toe and hoped for the best.  I think it might be some form of water lily but not sure.
After that Mick and I went for a stroll along Pentewan Beach.  Had to smile at these two swans that were on the beach, never seen swans in the sea before, but guess there is a first for everything. lol



  1. oh my that flower is gorgeous. the fox looks like he was keeping an eye on you x

    1. I think he knew something or someone was there as he kept stopping and watching me watching him lol.xx


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