Sunday, 31 May 2015

A New Visitor

This last few weeks we have had a new visitor in the field behind us and he is becoming a regular now and his presence has got me running for the camera (Mick as well if I am not here!!) so much so I have actually set the camera up with my 400mm lens and appropriate settings so it can just be picked up and used by myself or Mick. I am praying he stays around long enough not only for me to get a really decent photo of him but also because he is beautiful and I hate the thought that a local farmer would not share my opinion and hurt him!  So I apologise in advance as I think you will be seeing a lot of photos of this chap over the next few weeks. I have named him Mr Todd for obvious reasons lol
This was one of the first one's I took on Thursday, he was a long way down the field and this is cropped in a lot, so not that great.
The next two are from this afternoon's photo shoot.

This afternoon we had another walk from Tregony to Creed and did the full length this time, approx. 5 miles there and back.
These young cows followed us half way along the field, they were starting to un nerve me a little as they were so close lol, so I stopped and took their photo and that put them off :)

One of the many little foot bridges that cross the river.



  1. Good photos of your visitor! My son, who lives in a city, has foxes visiting the garden with their pups!

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you, I would love to see some pups but may not be lucky enough. :)

  2. He is a handsome chap! A friend in the village has a regular fox in her garden - trying to get at her rabbits.

    1. Hmm I know they are not everyone's favourite and I can understand that, but I can't help but love him lol. xx


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