Sunday, 24 May 2015

Last Sunday

 Last Sunday we went for a bike bimble around the North Coast which was lovely, a quick stop at Perranporth.

Then onto Portreath for a cuppa, watched these two little ones carry dad's board across the beach bless them - they were nearly blown away at one point!

Monday we did the coastal path at Portloe, we did this one a couple of weeks ago and I took a photo of this car

 now the bush has grow so much you wouldn't know there was a car behind it lol

Wonder how long it will be before you can see this one!

Can't believe I started writing this post a week ago - I really must make more time for blogging.


  1. Bimble is a new word for me, is it Cornish? x x

  2. lol I have no idea where I got bimble from, it is just a word I use for a drive for the sake of a drive if you know what I mean or if someone is going slow for no particular reason other than taking their time and enjoying the view!


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