Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wales bike trip

Well we have had a lovely few days away, admittedly it didn't pan out as we had planned but hey ho it has still been very enjoyable. Friday was the worst as the rain was relentless and we had just under four hrs drive in it!!  Still a positive from it we now know that Micks jacket is not waterproof, nor his boots or leggings!! So some shopping needs to be done now we are home. I was actually quite worried about him when we stopped as he was shaking he was so cold, something I have never seen happen!  The actual bike riding was really good, I can last between 2 - 3 hrs but then need to get off for abit to stretch the legs and get the circulation flowing again and then I am fine after that. The scenery was lovely - when we could see it lol.  The reason for our trip was my birthday present, a steam train ride up Snowdonia which never happened :( first it was cancelled due to lack of numbers, they say nothing about doing that on the website, they agreed a full refund and a free trip on the diesel train, which a reluctantly agreed to, then Sun morning another call, saying they were only going part way up. So I accepted the fact that it was not meant to happen and cancelled the whole thing. To say I am gutted is an under statement.  Instead we took a different route to our next stop Garway and saw some amazing scenery which we would not have seen if we had done the train ride - so all was not lost. I think I only took the camera out of the bag three times :(  really bad!

Since arriving back home life hasn't stopped as usual.  Work is busy but good, Friday night and all day yesterday was my first weekend doing the Out of Hours service, Fri night wasn't too bad but Sat, 31 calls I had!!!!  Have to confess to being shattered by the end of it 7am - 8.30pm and thoroughly enjoyed one or two gins.  Anyway here are the ones I took, that sky was the start of the rain - it just got blacker and blacker lol

Saturday was a different day lol


  1. It couldn't have been easy for Mick to drive his bike in all that rain. You were good to go all that way on it too x glad all was not lost

  2. It's a shame you did get your trip up Snowdon. do you think you'll try again one day?

  3. Hope there are no after effects from the soaking Mick had. Glad that all was OK in the end. Take care Diane x


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