Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Still AWOL

Coming to terms with some bad news so not really in the mood for blogging or talking or anything to be honest!  In an effort to get myself moving again I took myself and my camera off to Heligan this afternoon and glad I did, the sun was shining, baby lambs were around and after around 40 yrs of first seeing a photo of a Nuthatch I saw one today and managed a photo.  They aren't brilliant but I am chuffed to bits lol.


  1. Oh Karen...big hugs... I hope you and the family are okay x x x

  2. That doesn't sound good. Hope you and your family are okay. Glad to hear Heligan worked its magic.

  3. Sorry to hear you've had bad news Karen, be kind to yourself and give yourself time, we'll all be here when you are ready x

  4. Sorry you've had some bad news after your good news on the last blog. You may not be thrilled with your photos but I think they are great


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