Sunday, 3 May 2015


So here we are already in May and a wet bank holiday weekend.  I have been off here for a good few weeks and now feel it is time I eased myself back into the world of blogging as I have missed it.  I have sat down many a time to write a post and then never finished it or published it.  Life has been extremely hectic this last few weeks and I can see that I can either let it carry on being all consuming or start to take control of things and seriously manage my time more efficiently, so I have opted to manage my time.  A lot has gone on since I last posted, the two big events have been my eldest brother loosing his fight with cancer and passing away on the 10th April, he had been given 9 months to live at the start of March but only managed four weeks.  The other was starting my new job, which is going very well, lots to take in and learn, so seriously full on. This will be my fourth week and I am hoping that things will start to fall in place now as I am officially on the rota and I can get a little more organised lol.  In my dreams.  I haven't been out with my camera for weeks, I tend to use my phone mostly but I am really missing my camera, anyway a couple of photos from my phone which went on instagram.  Both of Truro.


  1. I love the quality of light in the first one.

    Glad to see you back online and that the new job is going well. So sorry to hear about your brother and I hope you're taking care of yourself as you come to terms with his loss. xx

  2. Hello Karen, good to see you back. Joy x x

  3. oh Karen, so sorry to hear of your loss...big big hugs. Sounds like you are settling into your job x

    1. Thanks Louise, yes the job is good. xx


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