Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lack of Christmas Spirit

Only four sleeps left until it will all be over again for another year.  I have really struggled to get any Christmas feeling in me this year more so than previous years, not sure if it is because I am getting older and no small children around or is it that I am just so busy in my own life (like everyone else) and can't find the time to put to it or is it a deep yearning to go back to when it wasn't all so commercialised and all about money and food - the argument there could be it is up to the individual as to how far they want to be swept up with that side of it, maybe it is the knowledge that for a huge number of people this is no fun time of the year.  I just feel that I am going through the motions to be honest!
  When shopping Friday morning the friendly shop assistant chatted the whole time whilst serving me which was nice (apart from me not feeling too great and wanting to be home!) but as I left I said my usual thank you and then added "Merry Christmas" and she stopped and looked at me bewildered and then said "Oh yes, thank you and you".  It did make me smile as I thought she either thought I was odd or she had forgotten what time of year it is as well, lol.  As I went around town I can't say I noticed any feeling of Christmas cheer, spirit or anything - just people going about their daily lives carrying shopping bags and generally not looking that happy - probably just like I was lol.  I have now found myself saying, "you need young children around to really enjoy Christmas" but I am not sure I really believe that any more.  The part I do enjoy at Christmas is the present buying and giving as I love giving gifts to others and I do use Christmas as a time when I can do it without having to justify it - should I need a reason to justify giving someone a gift because I feel like it??  Maybe I should do more ROK's in 2015 and just say "I did it because.."
Anyway whatever the reason is for my lack of Christmas cheer it won't stop me from wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and I really hope 2015 turns out to be a great one for everyone.



  1. Christmas certainly changes once the "children" grow up. GM and I have now got used to having a quiet Christmas, we dont go mad on food, something a bit special maybe, but not loads and loads extra. We stopped exchanging gifts with family years ago to save extra expense when things were tight, and also to stop giving (and receiving) things you wouldn't otherwise want or need, and I just give things all year round. As far as the grandchildren go I dont buy them presents birthday or Christmas as I dont know what they have or what they would like, so I put money in their bank accounts instead and buy them clothes each time I go to visit. Too many people nowadays see the festive season as hard work, when really it should be a time of "peace on earth and goodwill to all men" and I dont mean that in a religious sense, it's just common sense. OOps, rather a long comment, hope you enjoy the break and time with the girls, Love Joy x x x

    1. Over the last few years I have been cutting back. Think I am just in need of a change from the routine of the last 19yrs!! xx

  2. Oh Karen...I do love Christmas...not the present buying so much these days as ever year gets harder. I love seeing everyone and having a house full..., oh and the board games lol x x Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

    1. Ah you and yours are still young Louise ;)
      Yes it is a time for families and enjoyment. Hope you all have a great time. xx


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