Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Advent-ure

A couple more for the Lucky 7's Christmas Advent-ure photo challenge.
 #18 - Wrapping paper

#19 - presents ready to deliver
My mother in law loves gift bags ( I love paper), so each year I end up with an ever growing pile of Christmas gift bags that are too good and nice to throw in the recycling - so I reuse them for delivery purposes but my pile never gets smaller only bigger!!!  Who invented them???? Bah humbug!!
My girls are home today, really looking forward to them being here, causing chaos and turning the house into a bomb site (yes even at their ages!!) lol.
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  1. I have lots of gift bags too. I recycle them by passing them on with a gift in to another person, but I only wrap the gift inside in tissue paper, or brown paper, or fabric depending on who is getting the gift.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Karen, I know what you mean about gift bags. I do just the same as you - pass them on with another gift. I have been known to cut them up and diecut the paper for cards or gift labels


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