Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas celebrations

Saturday night saw my one and only Christmas party for this year come and go and my feet and hips are still complaining about the amount of dancing I did lol, not quite sure what got into me - and no I was not drunk, but after the food I don't think I sat down once!!!!  No idea what the music was but I can safely say my dance moves have now moved into the 21st century!!  I did ask the DJ for some 80's music and he said "absolutely love"  three songs later he played Madonna - Strike the Pose!!!!  hardly a dance tune!! hey ho.  I still enjoyed it but wondering if the old body is getting a bit old for these kind of nights???  Though wouldn't mind trying a few more before I fully decide on that one lol
Yesterday we went to a Christmas carol concert in Bodmin, which was lovely, never get Mick to go to these normally, but he did this time, the church was beautifully decorated with charity Christmas trees.

My only complaint of the whole thing was when we came to sing While Shepherds Watch their flock...  they did it to a Cornish tune which Mick and I have never heard and had no idea and couldn't even pick it up so I found myself fighting a tantrum inside as I wanted to sing along but couldn't and was really incensed about it so sulked lol just like a spoilt child!!!  More annoying for me was that Yvonne and Alan were behind us and they knew it :( boo hoo. lol (such a child!!)
Well yet another full week ahead, so best get on, our girlies will be home a week today so have to get things sorted by then. xx
Decided to link this with the Lucky 7's Photo Advent -ure  # 8 Christmas Tree


  1. LOL Too much dancing and not enough singing. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2015. We are off to the UK for a fortnight tomorrow Diane

    1. lol you could be right Diane. Have a safe journey over here and Merry Christmas. xx

  2. the row of trees looks beautiful x have a lovely time with the girls x

    1. Thanks Louise, we will. Good to see you back on line. xx

  3. Aching knees and hips are worth it if you can have a good time
    I love the charity trees in the church.
    I had to laugh at you sulking because you didn't know the tune to the carol. I feel just the same when it happens to me


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