Monday, 16 June 2014

Another week

And so another week starts, a bit different this time as Mick set off yesterday for a week of motor biking through France, Belgium and Holland with an old work colleague and his brother.  So it is a petticoat house for the next five and half days til he returns Sat afternoon.  Amanda had her first day of work experience at another local vets in Truro and seems happy with it.  A dozen stray kittens brought in so she has been helping to sort them out, eye drops, vaccinations etc. I was dreading the "can we have one?" question but thankfully it didn't come....phew.  Nothing against cats, but don't want one.  After work this morning Bernadette and I popped over to St Austell as she wanted a file and she has kept me entertained as usual, which is nice as I am still not firing on all cylinders today and as a result of that I haven't gone to college this evening as I knew I wouldn't be up to it. Hey ho, that is life. 
On the bright side it has given me time to do this blog post and the first of this week's links to Lucky 7's challenge to get in close to create an abstract and see if anyone can guess what it is.   So this is my first offering - I will give you a clue - it is something to do with gardening.


  1. You didn't link in yet ;-)
    I am flummoxed.. you were always going to be better at this with your clever cameras.. mine are all zoomed in with my phone.. and too easy!

    1. lol, now come on Kathi nothing wrong with using a phone, you just need to think mean and difficult ;) xx

  2. Hope Mick has a nice time and you start to get back to your old self. I have no idea what your abstract photo is........x x

  3. I agree with Viv. Grass edging or something that lines the side of a garden area.


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