Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 2 of up close.

I woke up this morning feeling full of energy and looking forward to Sarah from the local garden centre coming round to advise me on my garden - for the full story please see here

So now onto the Lucky 7's challenge, I think I might have been a bit mean with my first image yesterday (here) so I shall be a little kinder today and a poor quality photo :)

Linking up with Lucky 7's 2014
Has anyone got any experience with drop box?  I have downloaded it this evening and now find that I cannot upload my photos with out them going to drop box and they can't upload them due to the amount, so I have now had to uninstall drop box and everything is fine again!!!  Surely that isn't right?  Any ideas anyone?


  1. part of a vertical blind? no experience of dropbox. x x

  2. The beads along the bottom of vertical blinds?

  3. I agree, something to do with blinds. I used Dropbox once to read a box my daughter put there for me but I had a lot of difficulties with it. I didn't like it. 😝

  4. Yes all right, way to easy that one lol. xx


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