Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lucky 7's - Past times.

Unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather this week so I am cheating a bit with this week's challenge over on Lucky 7's in 2014 and borrowing the images from the internet.

A wedding

My wedding, 24 years ago.  A photo of the photo.  Funny it was only the other week I looked at this and realised how poor it is, there is no detail in my dress and it was all lace - proud to say I made it :) and Mick blends into the background lol.  (that is my reflection in the left hand corner)

This was the first car I remember my eldest brother having - a blue bubble car.  I loved it thought it was like sitting in a gold fish bowl lol
I remember mum making me a trouser suit like the green one here, but mine was fuchsia pink with silver buttons down the front and white daisy trim around the bottom :)

As the only girl in the family I didn't have to share my dolls with anyone lol, though Sindy did have to play war games with Action Man some times!!!  Just like I had to with dear brother Ian!!
Love my Sindy dolls, they were responsible for my learning to knit and sew as I use to make their clothes :P)

I'm afraid I have failed on the last few photos.


  1. ooh i've loved seeing your wedding photo. You really are dab hand in the sewing department, as making your own wedding dress must be the biggest challenge to take on...I think! x

    1. The wedding dress and B's prom dress biggest projects but curtains are the most challenging and stressful lol. xx

  2. I loved making clothes for my Sindy doll too. I dont still have mine though!
    Joy x x

    1. Have to confess to still having my Sindy and Tressa doll :) x

  3. Awhh, lovely to see your wedding pics.. and so great to have made the dress. I made one once! Did wear it too.. but preferred making pinafores for Lisa as a baby..x Thanks for entering and for your ideas this week and last xx


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