Monday, 24 February 2014

New experiences

Last Wed I had the pleasure of taking  photos for a lady who owns a holiday cottage in Probus.  She wanted some new photos that she can use on her website. The cottage is Waterlily Cottage and I have to say it is gorgeous, so tastefully decorated and set out, if I turned up here for my hols I would be very happy indeed.  I have never done interior photography before and it was challenging trying to get a good enough exposure to show the room well and save the light coming in from the window, as you can see not always possible, worse as outside it was a white dull sky!! Still I enjoyed it and I am happy with what I have come up with.  Hope she is!  She wanted the same images as she has already but she wants to put them on her website.  So I did those and some extras :)

I am going back in a few weeks time to do the garden shots.
Also last Wednesday was the first meeting of a new photography group I have set up.  Six of us met up having previously looked at the work of Michael Kenna and Herbert List to discuss their work, alittle big like a book club.  I wasn't sure how it would work, the idea was for it to be very informal, (met in the pub) and see what we all thought.  I am glad to say, everyone enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next one on the 25th March when we will be discussing Robert Adams's and Chris Friel's work.   I know of Robert Adams's work but not Chris Friel so that should be interesting. 


  1. See, that's the sort of holiday cottage I'm looking for!

  2. That looks a lovely cottage and what a lovely name.
    Your photo club sounds really interesting.

  3. oh doesn't it look like a lovely place to relax. I love love the first photo of the pretty little butter dish xx

  4. What a fun idea to have set up a photograph group. I think you have done a great job for the cottage, looks very appealing.


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