Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Valentine's Day storm

In a previous post I mentioned that we had gone down to Portholland around 4pm on Friday to see the waves coming in.  This was the first time I have been out to see the storms that have battered Cornwall over recent weeks, I really regret not going out before now.  I was stood on the cliff top looking down on Portholland.  I felt so sorry for those that live there, it must have been very frightening to have those waves crashing against your windows.  A few weeks back a car was washed out to sea here, thankfully the driver managed to get out.  If you look closely you can even see one of my red telephone boxes in there lol

They aren't great quality images but the wind was so strong I am surprised I got anything, plus the light was fading fast.


  1. I think your photos show a scary situation well. It has been a horrendous few weeks for so many people. :(

  2. Oh my Karen......you really have captured the mood of the storm. those poor people and their homes x

  3. Hi Karen
    Lots of blogging whilst I have been away x
    I am just catching up on reading everyones.
    Love the storm pictures and I have now joined the Postcard thing, just need to go out and buy the cards :-)
    See you Saturday x

  4. Oh my, this is actually scary to look at!!! I hope those houses were empty! Your photos are beautiful nonetheless!

  5. Thank you. The houses are still occupied and people were in them at the time. In fact at one stage a couple were stood on the doorstep having a cuppa and watching!!!! Guess they are use to it. x

  6. It was quite amazing, the sheer volume of sea not just spray at high tide.. there have been some amazing pictures.. I didn't actually get out much either!


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