Sunday, 2 March 2014

Another week gone.....

...................and no blogging :(

Last Monday started off a normal week, the plan being work Mon and Tues, Wed & Thurs off and back to work Fri, Sat & Sun.  Monday started off as normal, though by the end of my shift my district manager was looking into enrolling me on a front line manager's course, as well as a coaching and assessors course!!!! Plus I had been given nine days off work (using up annual leave) as of Tues, nice but totally unexpected!!!  So whilst pondering what to do with my nine days off, I suddenly find myself off to Pontypool for a two night stay to use up a voucher we had. So today I am actually rather glad to be sitting down in front of the computer chilling and catching up.
Pontypool was great, on the Friday we decided to have a look at the coal pit called Big Pit  in a place called Blaenafon.  When we got there we discovered we could go on an underground tour, so we went.  It was amazing, 300ft down we went in a cage as well.  We were not allowed to take anything that had a battery in down the mine, so no watches, phones, cameras etc etc, So we quickly grabbed these two pics with our rather sexy safety gear on!!

Oh please note the scarf, finished and lovely and warm :)  as we went into the mine, it had started to snow outside, we did wonder what it would be like when we came back up!! Thankfully it was ok.
Photo of the mine shaft we went down.
There is also a mine simulator for anyone who doesn't want to go underground, when we went in we were the only ones, once again it was very well done.  I managed these photos of the drills used in modern times. 

In fact we were there most of the day, the guides are all ex miners and so friendly it made a really enjoyable day and it was FREE!!!!  the car park was £3 for the day.  Just a great day.
On the Sat we drove to Bristol and spent most of the day with Bernadette then came home. 

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  1. sounds like a great day out. Those mines are amazing aren't they! Nice get up the scarf x


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