Thursday, 30 January 2014

Photo books

I have been pondering a photo-book for some time now, wondering if I should do one or not, how long will it take to put it together, what the quality will be like etc etc.  Anyway sometime at the end of last year whilst chatting with Mick it came up that he and the girls have never seen the holiday photos from 2012 when we went to Rhodes!!!  Now I think that sounds awful but the fact is - as you know I do the photos in the family and I am lucky enough to have a computer that is mainly for my use for my photography.  So naturally all the photos go on this computer and no one ever asks to look at them, if they want to they can but they don't :( ( you may gather they don't share my love of photos). 
Anyway over Christmas good old photo-box kept sending me emails as they do with all their offers and sales etc and I gave in an bought a photo-book, only the cheapest as I am still unsure about them.  So this afternoon, in between more application proof reading and altering I created one book. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I just have to be reminded of the names of a few places but apart from that it is done and on the screen I am rather pleased with it, just hope I am just as pleased with it in real life.
Took myself off to Towan beach on Sat before work it was windy and cold but lovely, blew the cobwebs out.  



  1. I'll be very interested to see how your photo book turns out. Joy xx

  2. I'm like you, Karen. Lots of photos on the computer. It will be lovely to see your photo book

  3. Oh yes they are a good idea Karen, my daughter has done a few of memorable holidays. They make very good coffee table books.
    Your walk at Towan beach looks like my kind of walk :)

  4. I was sure I had posted here yesterday, but must have dreamed it ;)
    Photo books are such fun, my daughter has done a few of memorable times/holidays and they make good coffee table books. I love your shot of the beach, looks quite wild!

    1. Sorry you did Annie, it is me being slow in approving them lol. xx

  5. I love the photo books and have been thinking of doing one for a few years's all the computer faffing that puts me off. Hope to see some pics when yours arrives x


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