Sunday, 2 February 2014

January gone....

So January has gone for another year, I automatically go to say - "where did it go" "hasn't it flown", but I have stopped myself this time and really don't feel I can say that as it doesn't feel that way this time - why I'm not sure - maybe it is due to the fact that I think I have slowed down abit this month even though I have had things planned for nearly all my days off so I have still been on the go, but I am certainly aware that I have sat down more as I have been reading more and writing more - something I am really enjoying again.  In fact it takes me back to my teenage years when I was always reading or writing letters, essays or my diary.
A fair bit of the reading and writing has been proof reading and writing ideas for B's training contract applications!!!  Some of these questions make me laugh, they are asking a 20yr for their greatest achievement in life and how that achievement has effected their life and those around them, she is 20 and hasn't really started to live her life being in education for the last 15yrs!! Thankfully she hasn't had to experience any great trauma's in her short life, (totally aware of death and dead bodies and fine with that - just something I don't think children should be shielded from and haven't done with mine) plus she hasn't had the opportunity to really take on any great personal challenges like backpacking the world on her own, or going off and doing voluntary work aboard, though I know some of her friends took a gap year and did it, she chose to go straight to uni (it was at the time of the fee increase as well, which had a big influence on her decision).  Though I think this was the toughest "What qualities does an commercial organisation need to have in order to be successful today? Please use an organisation you admire as an example"  Admittedly that one I handed straight back to her as I hadn't a clue, thankfully as she has worked for Holister (Abercrombie and Fitch) for the last three years she was able to compare - though comparing a law firm with a 18-25yrs old clothes shop.......!!!!  but I have to say the response she came up with I thought was excellent. In fact I have been impressed with her determination to complete these questions, she has written and rewritten her responses so many times until she has been totally happy with them and each time  they have improved and shown the depth of her research into her answers (admittedly some of it has gone way over my head - especially when she and Mick started on about global business!!!!  Time to put the kettle on for me lol. 
Anyway I am really glad to say they have all now been sent off, she has completed her quick reasoning writing that they have to do once the application is received, if she has got through that stage then they will read her application, if they like it they will invite her for an interview.  If the don't ............................  it doesn't bare thinking about :(

So in January I have managed to keep up my daily photo (which can be seen here)  and tried some new recipes, stuffed peppers and vegetable lasagne.  Not managed to take part in the Lucky 7's challenges but intend to do better during February.



  1. I understand that they want to see how you think...but I wonder what relevance these questions have to the job! I'm afraid most of it would go over my head to xx

  2. Just found your lovely blog, what a great post lovely photo. Greenthumb.

  3. It is incredible what they expect on application forms these days!


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