Monday, 27 January 2014

Eden Project - Love it or Hate it?

This morning I took myself over to the Eden Project - two reasons, one I wanted to purchase my £5 local's pass and secondly council employees could go in free today. So I picked up my trusty camera bag and off we went in the pouring rain, I was only interested in the biomes so the rain wasn't an issue, plus if I don't go out in it then I wouldn't be going out of the house at all. Having arrived there I showed my ID and then ask to purchase the local's pass, first of all the lady informed me that it runs out in Oct, some odd explanation that if it starts on the 1st Nov everyone is on the same level playing field!!!! Yeah whatever, really couldn't work that one out, then she tells me it is £14!!!!! Hmm that is some increase from a fiver. Well I decided against it as to be honest as I don't really feel it is worth it. I have been to Eden several times and each time I find myself asking what is the big attraction? It was the same today, yes the ice rink is up and there were children skating away having a wonderful time, which is brilliant, much better than being sat in front of the box or festering in their pits. It also happened to be 'Dogs Day' so there were hundreds of dogs all on leads and being very well behaved and lots of pooper scouping going on :) Never the less I had a stroll round (rained had stopped for awhile) and I know it is winter and I wasn't expecting to see colourful flower displays or anything, but nothing has changed, not that it is the sort of place that will change much I guess. I headed off into the mediterranean biome to start with as this is the hottest and the one I wanted to be in, plus it takes awhile for the camera to climatise and stop being a foggy scene when you look through the viewfinder! Thankfully due to the temperture outside it was a pleasant warmth in there though it still took 30 mins for the lens to settle down lol. Having watched "Die Another Day"Saturday night it was interesting to work out where the various scenes had been shot. After that I had a stroll around the other biome then headed out. All the time I was thinking about the local's pass and comparing it with the Heligan annual pass of £25 (which I am planning to get this year) and generally the cost to get into Eden - which is £23.50 for an adult and £68 for a family!!!! (and that is before you add drink and food). Personally I think that is astronomical amount for what is there!!! As I was walking back to the car it dawned on me that my me it just isn't natural enough - I know that is a very obvious statement to make, but it just doesn't feel right to me hence it's lack of appeal for me. I have friends who think it is amazing and go every month, some every week - so ultimately I guess it is a marmite place - you ever love it or hate it. I don't like marmite!!



  1. I have been to both Eden and Heligan. Like you love it or hate it. I wasn't sure about Eden, think you are right it lacks something. Heligan I saw before it was restored. My husband, had an uncle and aunt (she still alive) use have a flat in the big house at Heligan, so they had access to the gardens so we saw it whilst the restoration was going on before it was completely restored.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow, £68.00 for a family!! I was thinking I'd like to go and see it, but if I put my travel costs on top, it's too expensive!! It does seem a nice place to visit, (and I do love Marmite!!) but not sure that I'd pay that amount to get in. Nice photos though Karen!! :)

  3. I've never been, but have no great desire to go there. I suppose if we holiday in Cornwall again any time I might consider it. We often went to Cornwall when the boys were young and often needed indoor attractions to take them to when it was raining - as it always does in Cornwall in August, pity it wasn't open back in the early 90s.

  4. I know what you mean, I haven't been many times but it does leave me wondering if it's all a con.. all that loving the planet thing but then taking so much money off you hidden in recycled pencils and paper cups.. x

  5. I have always wanted to see the Eden Project but do not think I am likely to get there now! As for Marmite I love and my husband hates it!
    Have a good day Diane

  6. How can you not love marmite??? The Eden Project is in my list of places to see ...... one day!

  7. Well I don't think we'll ever make visit there after your candid review Karen. I would probably have made the same judgement as you;)
    Two lovely shots you have shown us though. I love the way the light shines through the leaf.

  8. I don't like Marmite either! We went along to the Eden project the week we met and I did like was different and i'm glad we went. Not sure I find it interesting enough to go every year let alone every month/week!

    The one thing i would say is that i didn't find it a "day out". If you got there when it opened you'd be done by 2/3ish and that's even after spending an hour or so making a tent----I can't remember what that was for now..and taking tons of photos of flowers!!


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