Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Learning day 2

This week's quotes for us to blog about are:-
“ Anyone who keeps learning stays young” Henry Ford
 “You cannot open a book without learning something” Confucious 
So my learning for today has been how to create a contact sheet in CS6. A quick google on U Tube produced a fantastic tutorial and contact sheets produced in seconds, it has taken me longer to sort out the printing!!!  Here are two of the six done :)

As you can see these are from my telephone box project.  Think I am going with the landscape format and the 50mm lens on a full frame camera. Though it will be interesting to see what Colin and the other students on the course think.

I have spent today photographing the latest creation from Button Moon for their prints and website.  Such a lovely pair of ladies.

A sneak peek of the princess!!


  1. Missed the plot...who is the princess?

    You have left me behind with your learning today LOL!! xxx

  2. I love the Princess.
    I take photos of unusual phone boxes as well so Snap

  3. Fab Karen. Thank you I bookmarked the link ! xxx

  4. It seems your photography is becoming a business too?
    I have just been to that site and bought a card!! Lovely site to browse and spend money....dangerous eh!!

  5. Excellent, Karen! Congratulations!

  6. I first thought of the old tv program button moon - looks like an interesting shop x


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