Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Learning - Day 3

“ Anyone who keeps learning stays young” Henry Ford
 “You cannot open a book without learning something” Confucious 
Back to work today after a week off, lovely to see my regular folk again and see how well they have progressed in a week to regaining their independence and health.
So today I have learnt that I can contribute to a class room discussion and not be laughed at.  This may sound odd to some of you but all through school and college I would be the one sat there and not say anything in case I was laughed at, so I would just listen and think to myself.  Last night and tonight I found myself in a group (last night they were all complete strangers - tonight familiar faces) and in both cases I had to speak out about my thoughts and ideas!!!!!  I did it and no one laughed at me instead it developed into a good discussion which I enjoyed.

The other thing I learnt today is - always double check that your  camera is actually in your camera bag before putting said bag in boot to go out and take photos. Derrrrrrr!!!! lol
Short and sweet today as I am also a very tired teddy. xx


  1. Well done on your growing confidence xxx

  2. Well done to you for speaking up. I was that way at school too.
    My dad did well with his video camera. During our holidays some 45 years ago, he recorded the beautiful animated clock of the Bern town hall in Switzerland. When we tried watching the movie afterwards, he realized he hadn't put a film in it ! xxx

  3. oh dear about the lack of camera and well done for overcoming your doubts and speaking out :)

  4. I know what you mean about checking thngs before you go out.

  5. I hate speaking in front of a crowd, (unless I'm angry!!) and I always forget my camera. Went to woods the other day, forgot camera, so had to go back again the next day!! Dog enjoyed it though!! (on blog) : )

  6. Lol... That would be me Karen, with the empty case . Well done to your class contributions.... I still find it so hard to add to a discussion with strangers x


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