Monday, 25 November 2013

Learning day 1!

Lynne over at Lucky Snapping has asked to think about a couple of quotes this week

It is 11pm on Sunday night and I was just going to bed leaving Peter watching Sun Match of the Day “yawn” and................I think Lucky Snapping Challenge I haven’t finished my blog for Kathi and it is a new challenge on Monday when I realise................Oops it is mine and I haven’t done it or sent it to anyone either!!! Anyway here I am writing it instead of finishing my nostalgia blog and then I will send it to both Anne and Jenni in the hope you are reading it now (Monday am).
 I have 2 quotes for you about LEARNING “ Anyone who keeps learning stays young” Henry Ford “You cannot open a book without learning something” Confucious 
This week tell us each day one thing you have learnt during the day, hopefully with a photo. Make your blog brief as we are all getting busy with the run up to Christmas. Love to you all Lynne xx

I find the older I get the harder it is for me to focus on anything for long, possibly due to so much going on in life that there just isn't enough space left in my old head!!  I still maintain I enjoy learning new things it is just making the time to do it, so this could be a good week for me to make a real big effort.  As some of you know I am doing a short ten week course at college at the mo, last week the tutor set us some homework - to research two photographers so we can discuss their work this week. Thankfully I have already heard of them, but not really looked extensively at their work or their background, so that will be my learning for today.  Martin Parr you can view some of his images here and Alec Soth view his images here, out of the two I have to say I prefer Martin Parr's work, especially his colour work, it doesn't inspire me to go out and replicate his style of photography but I like to look at them. I have attended a talk he gave in Plymouth earlier this year and he is a good speaker and has a way about him that I can imagine it would be difficult to say no if he asked to take your photo.

I did drag myself out of bed this morning to head over to Mevagissey as I had planned for the frosty misty morning shots - only problem was the frost and mist didn't happen.  So another lesson from today was to check the weather forecast thoroughly before heading off out at the crack of dawn. lol

Forgot to tell you yesterday when driving back from St Ives I got held up on the A30 by this

Yes a pig going for a walk on it's own.  You should have heard the squealing it was making as they tried to get it across the road, I did laugh.


  1. Thank you for taking part this week xx
    The pig photos did make me laugh!
    I prefer Alec Soth's photos myself but Martin's photo of the lady on the beach made me stop and study it!!

  2. I agree with you and prefer the Martin Parr images but can't say that they really inspire me.

  3. So, why did the pig cross the road?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. The pig photos did make me laugh especially when you said it was squealing. I can imagine the noise
    Your course sounds really interesting

  5. I looked at the pictures and I said "Is it a pig ???". Funny story, xxx

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, Karen -
    I really enjoyed myself!
    /The poor pig - it probably is already steaks! /

  7. At least sitting in the traffic was entertaining. Will have to check out your links x x


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