Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Friendships - Lucky Snapping

Like everyone else life seems to be very busy and we are off on holiday next week so I have sent this to Anne a week early. I am still doing here letters photos and nicknames, must get that finished before Sunday!

Here is this month’s quote, do watch the youtube. Only a couple of minutes!

“Love is Like a friendship caught on fire” by Bruce Lee


What is important to you in a friendship?

Tell us this week about some friendships that have grown over the years.
About friends you have lost touch with and why?

During the week take photos of some things you have been doing or something that you found interesting.

I will start with a lost childhood friend.  As I have said in previous posts I didn't enjoy school and don't really have many happy memories from that period.  I wasn't a 'popular' girl at school so to speak so didn't have a huge circle of friends. The one girl I was friends with was called Erica Starmore, we had just started to become really good friends when her family moved  to Essex.  So our real friendship grew from letter writing.  We use to have a competition to see who could write the longest letters, sometimes up to 20+ pages!!!   We use to write little poems on the outside of the letters as well addressed to the post man.  My postman was called Danny, he would ride a push bike to do his delivers and always be whistling or singing.  He always had a smile on his face and time to say hello to everyone, young and old, and he use to like the poems Erica wrote for him. lol  Can't remember what her's was called. We kept in touch for years.  I would go and stay with her and she would come to me. When I moved to London we met up a couple of times. I went to her wedding. After Mick and I married, her and her husband Duncan came to stay for a weekend!!!  That was a real eye opener and to be honest we lost touch after that.  Duncan was a really nice guy and we got on well with him, but the difference in Erica and I was amazing.  Talk about chalk and cheese.  Duncan could not do anything without asking her permission first and I mean anything!!!!  Which was alien to me as Mick and I are together but still independent - if that makes sense. I remember him being desperate to have  a look at Mick's motorbike and she wouldn't even let him go to the garage to see it!!!!  Don't think it helped me telling her to give him a break!!  Anyway, they were happy and that was the main thing and who to say my ways are right and hers wrong!!  I often wonder what she is doing now but guess I will never know.



  1. Interesting story, Karen. Funny how we as humans have different ways to do things. My mum and dad always go everywhere together, even if my Dad just needs a hammer in the next room. They eat and drink the same thing when we take them out to a restaurant. But it all comes from my mum, it's this controlling thing. Like in your own couple, Dennis and I are completely different and very independent, I would say thanks God. It's not because you love somebody that you have to be stuck on each other 24/7 ! To me it's not healthy. But as you say, who are we to say our way is the best one ? xxx

  2. Excellent Karen, but you forgot add ...the picture ...!
    Just kidding!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Weird things like that happen with friendships sometimes. I have lost touch with old friends as well because they just stopped responding to calls, email, etc. and I have no idea why. It's sad but unfortunately, a fact of life I guess. Good post!

  4. It is interesting how we grow out of people isn't it?

  5. i'm still in contact with my school friends. two of them i see and speak to frequently. It's funny how sometimes people surprise us x

  6. I too have lost touch with my best school friend :(

    Weekends together can be an eye opener can't it LOL!!


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