Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blink and it is gone.

And yet another week gone.  Started off really well spending Monday with a friend, Tuesday being a guinea pig for another friend who is starting some photo-shop workshops, which was really good. After that the week has just become a haze with work, planning for a camera club workshop, work, camera club.  Friday was good, Mick and I went to Haytor in Dartmoor to see the Tour of Britain leg.  Too many people in my way for my liking (lol) everyone in a great mood and the sun was shining - I was sweating buckets in full biking gear and had to walk a mile to the finishing line, but well worth it.  Lots of rubbish photos of cyclists flying past - they don't half shift even on the finishing line. I even managed one of an empty saddle - couldn't have done that if I had tried!! lol
We went up on the motor bike stopping in Plymouth on route to purchase me a new helmet as mine had seen better days and probably would not have save my life if it had been called upon to do such a thing.!!  So I now have a nice new shiny helmet with flip sun visor - so cool it doesn't bare talking about!!
Today has been one of those days that you begin to wonder why you got up in the first place. It has been one step forward and ten steps back, a day of total frustration and all cause by this darn thing called a computer!!!  Like many all my computer knowledge (which really is very little) is self taught through trial and error. Well today it has pushed me to the limits trying to download an update, a trail package of light room and to do what I was shown on Tues in photo-shop (ok that last bit, well most of it is user incompetence - I know) but I am not willing to take all the blame, maybe 99.9% of it but not 100% - the thing should do what I want on the odd occasion surely!!! Anyway I am pleased to say that I have finally downloaded said items - as to whether they will work or not remains to be seen when I reboot the computer tomorrow.  If they don't ..... well................ let's not go there!!!.  Added to my frustration of today has been trying to collate the images for the camera club first competition of the season to discover that a number of the images are not resized correctly by the author.  I dare not resize them as this will only cause pixilation and poor quality.  The result is emails flying back and forth of images trying to get new members to resize correctly - on this point I have given up on today as well!!!
So the end result of today is - tears of frustration at lack of IT knowledge & being three mouthfuls (small ones at that) away from the bottom of a bottle of wine, which will no doubt involve a thick head in the morning and ?????????????? sure I will come up with a positive side from today by tomorrow. Oh yes I lost a pound in weight this week by not eating snacks (or in my case small meals) in between meals - go me - though no doubt I have managed to put it back on having gone back on the wine since Thursday evening!!!  Blame Yvonne for that  as we are having our annual girlie weekend away next weekend and I thought I had best get back on the wine to be able to keep up with her in a semi respectable manner!!! 
Sorry can't face photos tonight. x


  1. Oh Karen, so sorry to hear about your frustrating day, and hope things look better in the cold light of day. A few glasses of wine never did any harm (well, not at the time anyway :-) ), hope the hangover isn't too bad this morning.
    I suppose I'm very lucky being surrounded by computer software engineers and sons who could turn a PC inside out and back together again if they need to, perhaps you could look out for someone local who is a bit of a computer whizz - do you know anyone with a late teen boy?
    Hoping for a better week,
    Joy x x

  2. Thank you Joy, unfortunately no I don't know any computer whizz kids. Admittedly a lot of the chaps at cc are very helpful and with emails flying back and forth I am getting there, until they say do something that I haven't a clue what they are talking about lol.

    Head isn't too bad!!! I guess ;) xx

  3. I knew it would be my fault when wine was mentioned lol I can take it x x
    And it will get you in practice for the weekend so you may thank me in the end x
    As for computers I have learnt to just accept they are stupid so I leave them to settle just like a human and tackle them a different way on a different day and it seems to work :-)

    1. lol you know I don't need anyone else to blame really. ;) xx

  4. Love your reasoning for drinking wine. I have put weight on from wine last week...well it was holidays :)


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