Wednesday, 25 September 2013

True Rock Friends

Along the way people have come into and out of my life but not many have stayed put.  I can count those that have and those that I want to keep in my life on one hand.  They are true friends - who I might not see or speak to for ages and when we do it was like yesterday.  Or when I am having 'I don't want to talk to anyone time' - they accept it and don't judge me for it. They are the ones who listen to me on the very rare (and I mean extremely rare occasions) when I bare my soul - and once again don't judge me or repeat what I have said, just support me and understand.   And I like to think they know I am there for them as well.
How they found their way into my life I don't know, but I am glad they did and very glad they chose to stay.  These are my two 'true rock' friends.

Sue who has put up with me for 18 years with our children growing up together until they move up to Derby for work purposes but we are still there on the end of the phone for each other and for each other's children, and who I put through agony training to do the London Moonwalk with me - because I had this desire to do such a thing.

and of course

Yvonne who puts up with me on a daily basis and really keeps me on track more than she probably realises.  She is one person who really inspires me and I admire greatly, she is an amazing tower of strength.

Yvonne and Alan

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  1. The feeling is very mutual Karen as I so value your friendship and am looking forward to long chats this weekend x

  2. It is wonderful to have two such great friends you can rely on.

  3. It sounds like you have some very good friends there.

  4. True friends....a lovely post x

  5. Very nice post and photos - very cool!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Aren't true friends wonderful xxxx


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