Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lucky Snapping catch up

7th August,

I went over to Charlestown Regatta in the evening with the intention of trying to take photos of Ben (from this post) dancing.  It turned out that I knew a few of the girls who were dancing with him from my netball coaching days.  So I had plenty of bodies to photograph.  It was a great learning kerb, low light and very fast moving dancers, I was exhausted just watching them, even the little ones were fantastic.  So here are a couple from the event.
This is Chelsea and I have to say she has a lovely voice and did a great job of singing in between dances.
 The senior group (Ben on the left, only boy, surprise surprise!! )
8th August
We headed off to Bristol to the Balloon Fiesta, on route we passed these

not what you normally expect to see on the A30!!
9th August
We had a walk around the balloon site which turned out to be just one big fun fair, which was a bit disappointing to be honest. So we then walked into Clifton and met up with Bernadette and her boyfriend and had some lunch which was lovely.  These Gromit models are dotted around the place in Bristol, there are 80 altogether and at some point they will be auctioned off for charity.  Apparently the Japanese are showing a lot of interest in them at the moment!! Bernadette was not impressed that I took a photo.  Maps have been produced and people are having days out going in search of finding them all!!! Hmm, must admit they are cute and all decorated differently. Abit of fun.

10th August
A day indoors for me as the walking from thurs evening and Friday did not go down well with my leg. So spent the day editing photos. So here are two from the night glow at the Balloon fiesta. It was packed and apparently Thurs was the quiet night lol.

11th August
A spot of gardening today.  Can't remember if I told you that Mick finally gave in and built me a raised bed in the garden so I could grow some veg.  Well I got a little carried away with what I put in.  I honestly did not expect everything to take - it doesn't normally!! Anyway I bought a packet of baby sweetcorn and they have sort of grown and have taken over to say the least!!  There are sweet peas behind the sweetcorn! Think I shall give them a miss next year. lol

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  1. Have seen a number of the Gromits popping up and I think they look great. Fab shots of the balloons. I would love to see them x

  2. You've had a busy week. Your photos are great.

  3. lots of great photos, the balloons look fantastic and what a great find on the a30! Well done with the veg your sweetcorn is doing very well!

  4. Hi Karen...great photos especially the balloons. We have a festival here every year and every year i say i'm going to go along and take some photos!!
    p.s. that must be super corn x

  5. What a great bunch of pics and quite a catch up.. (I must firm up the girls date with so sorry) We had a couple nights in Exeter and they have Gorillas about the place, while in Edinburgh yrs ago it was cows.. I like that kind of thing, great to keep kids walking if you go on a search!
    We have a flower bed creaking with hydrangeas and fuchsias and Ross is getting into it a bit.. ! Chat soon x

  6. karen that looks a very healthy garden and wish I was near to visit Bristol and see these Gromits, rather like the elephants in London :)

  7. What wonderful pictures! I love the ones of the balloons.

  8. HI Karen - nice to 'meet' you.
    Your garden is growing well! The gromits are lovely aren't they? I took some photos last time I was in Bristol (I am a bit closer than you).

  9. I love your photos of the balloon festival. I plan to go every year but never get there - maybe next year!


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