Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Baby bump

Yesterday I headed over to see a friend whose eldest daughter is expecting her first child (a little girl!) I have known the expecting mother since she was at primary school so it seemed a little strange for me to now see her as a mother to be!!! It  reminded me that she is not the only one who has got older over the years......still I shan't go down that road lol.  Apart from having a wonderful catch up Jess was happy for me to take some photos of her baby bump.  Never done any photos like this before so it was all new to me.  Any way, these two are as far as I have got with the editing.

what have I been doing today?  Well this morning I had fun taking photos of Yvonne and Alan (but can't show those until she has agreed them) then this afternoon I did this.... NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!!
 blood donation -   1 pint = lemon juice, club biccy and bag of crisps :) thank you very much, see you in Dec for my 25th donation


  1. well done with the blood donation that is something we keep thinking we should do. The bump pics are lovely. x

  2. That's a lovely neat little bump - great photos too! Good on you giving blood x

  3. You're very brave giving blood.

  4. Nice pictures. Women today are different in that when I was pregnant all those LONG years ago, you wanted to downplay your belly not show it off. I think it is wonderful to celebrate the time. Good for you for giving blood. I know it is always needed every where.

  5. Oh fantastic shot of the bump and love the needle shot :) Nice contrast!


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