Sunday, 1 September 2013

What are you listening to?

Last month I have been indulging myself in the new Backstreet Boys allbum (I know I can hear you all groaning and cringing - but hey I love them!!)  It is very different to previous ones, no real slow romantic songs but still packed with great harmonies from the not so much "boys" as men now, plus they are now five again.
At the moment this is my favourite track. incase you cannot access the video by clicking on it.
So what music have you been listening to lately? If you fancy sharing with me then let me know and we can link up :)
I know I have been absent for most of August but it wasn't a particularly great month for me and I really didn't feel up to blogging.  Still it is gone now and things are looking much brighter, so onwards and upwards :)


  1. Hi Karen, I can't see a link to listen to the track. Glad to hear that things are looking better for you.

    1. Thanks Eileen, hopefully working now. xx

    2. No, still can't see a link. If you tell me the name of the track, I'll search for it myself.

  2. And there you are! I was listening to music yesterday ..Ross had his iPad and I commented that the choices were all very old favourites from my teens ..then I realised it was my list I had made on his Spotify!

  3. James blunt has a new one out and I just love all his albums

  4. Liking James blunts new single and just live his albums x


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