Saturday, 3 August 2013

Belated monthly views.

This is June's image - slightly different because the farmer had locked the gates and I couldn't climb over in my skirt - so taken hanging over the gate as much as I could!
  July's image, gates open for me :)

Yesteday's photo I took was in great contrast to the above two ....

A traditional Cornish Summer!!


  1. It is amazing how your photos change with the seasons. Love the last photo though. Hope all well with you, have a good Sunday. Diane

  2. Lovely views. Shame about the rain.

  3. That last photo is a little more like it :) xx

  4. Great pictures. Everything looks so green and pretty. Guess the rain helps that but can be annoying especially when you are driving.

  5. Lovely view. We also have some rain now and then. xx

  6. Brilliant, that is what I love about the views they do change so much from month to month :) Thanks for joining in :) x


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