Saturday, 3 August 2013

Daily Peeks -4

Spent a lovely day yesterday with friends and their puppy Cassi, (you have seen her before) naturally more photos of her had to be taken, she has grown so much but still as lively. 
Only one photo for yesterday. 
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  1. Yummmm.. and then common sense prevails, but I am just imagining that silky soft head .. oh and the sharp teeth.. gorgeous thing x

  2. What a beautiful dog! Spending time with friends is so nice.

  3. Oh she is a sweetie :)
    My sweetie has just devoured one of my son's teddies. He has loads so I have hidden the evidence before he falls out with her!

  4. What a lovely puppy. We used to have spaniels and I think they are my favourite dog.

  5. What a lovely dog your friends have xx


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