Wednesday, 10 April 2013


96/365 - Paying to enter Plymouth, another trip up there but this time I did come back with a new bike jacket.  Not so lucky with the trousers, having tried on several pairs I gave up with exhaustion, which sounds really silly unless you have tried on biking clothing with armour padding in it.  It weights a tonne and is so awkward to get on and off to say the least.

97/365 - My poorly car, after it's bump the other week we have decided it is time for it to go. Mick will replace the bumper and then it will go off to the auction. :(  It is abit old and has done me well, considering the mileage I put on a car in a week - anything between one and over three hundred miles a week. By the time the hire car goes back on Friday I will nearly be up to 1000 since the 26th March!!!!

Personally I don't really mind what I have so long as it is comfy, gets me from A to B and fairly economical, oh and Mick can do the maintenance and repairs on it :) but unfortunately more and more cars are being made today that require special tools to do simple maintenance jobs on them therefore once again doing away with people skills.  It won't be long before all the skills that people have learnt over the years will be lost forever, either because they aren't needed any more or machines do it.  I feel we are heading into a very lazy society that is turning us into unskilled and unthinking humans who rely on technology and machines!!!   Ok I'm off my soap box :)

98/365 - Truro, the wall caught my eye in this one, shame I didn't realise just how grubby my windscreen was before taking this.


  1. Just caught up in all tour blogs and well done for catching up and some great pics. Love the fair one x

  2. Haha, I often take photos through the grubby windscreen, I think it adds a bit of character - that's my excuse, anyway.
    Hope you manage to find a car that you like, I always have an automatic estate, and Rog prefers petrol to diesel, so finding a car for me is like finding a needle in a haystack these days, I think maybe I'll have to keep the one I've got until I give up driving!

  3. I have very light weight cycle shorts and find them so much comfier than the very thick padded ones! Have a good week Diane

    1. Thanks Di, I should have explained that I was referring to motor bike clothing hence the body armour :) xx

  4. It wears me out watching Col get into his bike gear - I admire that you are able to ride with Mick. I can't think of anything worse. Happy car hunting - that's not a job i like doing either!!


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