Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Out walking

Well I was out this morning nice and early, I drove over to Devoran to walk part of the Bissoe Trail (mainly because it is mostly flat, unlike where I live!) and it was lovely, hardly saw a soul, just me and the birds - wonderful.  The leg held out well and has been fine since I got home, so I am very happy with that. Here are some photos, these are the remains of Wheal Poldice

 98/365 - Bissoe Trail

At long last I have started to decorate my bra for the walk, I really can't put it off any longer, still not sure what I am going to be doing, design isn't my field of expertise (not sure if I have such a field to be honest lol)  So far I have put glitter glue on with the idea that they look like meterorites!!!  I have some glow in the dark stars and buttons to go on yet oh and ribbon - so watch this space.  Really starting to get excited about this now :)   Just check my sponsor pledges for the walk and to date it is £512.40, so chuffed, that is my second target passed :)   There is still time to sponsor me if any one wishes to, just click here


  1. What a lovely walk to see those places on your photo, need a map to see where they are , might google in a mo :)

    Well done on starting on the bra :D cannot wait to see a photo...I would feel VULNERABLE!!! Hey helped you out with this weeks blog challenge :)

    1. Hmm I may feel a little vulnerable at first in the bra but sure the feeling won't last!!! xx

  2. lovely photos. Have I missed why you had to scrap your car?
    I await the finished bra with interest.

    1. Thanks Viv, the car episode is here :). x


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