Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Musical Memories - Day 3

This takes me back to my college days at Stamford College for FE as it was known then.  My time was happier then, but I still felt like I didn't fit in especially when I decided on the career I wanted and the careers officer (who remembers them???) laughed at me and said stick with your job at Boots - that is what girls like you do!!!  As you are aware.....I didn't take his advice.  Unusual for me back then as I just went with the flow and did as I was told, but thanks to my mum that was the first step in following a dream.
This is the extended version but oh soooo good to hear it again.  I still have my clear vinyl 45 single of this tucked away in the loft.  Hope you like it. Right I now need to come back to 2013 and get the hoover out..................boring!!
Oh before I get too far behind as usual, POTD
After work on Monday I met up with Yvonne for lunch over at Griggs, which is a local farm supplier and they have just opened up a restaurant which is very nice.


  1. I do rememeber careers officers and they weren't much help either as i recall (that might have just been me!) x Nice place to meet yvonne for lunch x

  2. Mine told me I should look at working in haulage.. do I look like a truck driver? Mind you when I run Col's trips it isn't far off logistics!


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