Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Musical Memories - Day 2

Well seems a lot of you remember Val Doonican! That post almost had Yvonne singing 'Walk Tall' to me over lunch yesterday lol.
So the next song that can take me back would have to be Cliff Richard and Miss you Nights  This one transports me back to my secondary school days, where I was not a happy teddy to say the least. So a lot of my time was spent on my own, sat in the lounge listening to Cliff whilst mum at work and Ian (brother) was out playing sport of one description or another.

 And yes I have seen Cliff in conncert, a few times as his brother in law worked with Mick at Finchley Traffic Garage and he use to get us cheap tickets :)
CAR UPDATE - after work today Mick and I are off to Bristol to look at and hopefully bring home my new car. The other one didn't have my name on it see here,  fingers crossed for second time around :)


  1. Good luck with the trip to Bristol, hope the car is suitable since you are travelling so far to see it.

  2. ...I do remember Cliff. My mother-in-law has seen him lots of times in concert too!

  3. I have this 45 too, it was just as I was going away to Uni and I told my Mum it would remind me of her and vice versa as we would generally always spend some of the evening together.. awhh..xx

  4. You are quite the romantic type. Nice song, didn't now it either ! xx

  5. I know off cliff, but I haven't heard this song again either.


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