Monday, 11 March 2013

POTD catch up

I had planned to post these over the weekend, but it didn't happen, so a quick couple of posts today of daily photos.
56/365 - in The Range car park,  last diving lesson with Amanda.  

57/365 - on the way home after picking up a Chinese take away, Amanda driving after passing her test in the morning :)

 58/365 - you've seen this before, that tape has now gone and just a small amount of twisted tape and waterproof tape around the ankle.

59/365 - a daff from the garden
60/365 - playing with some tulips my in laws bought me.  This is actually straight out of the camera no processing, the effect is achieved by over exposing the image. Personally I like the effect.


  1. That tulip if really good.. and hope you are relaxing into be a non-driving Mom as every day passes ! ;-) xx

  2. Congrats Amanda. Glad the ankle is improving and I love that last shot. What settings did you use? I have so much to learn about my new camera after having used a a cheap camera on auto for so many years! Take care Diane

  3. oooh I do like the tulip - I will have to try this x


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