Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Monthly View

My monthly view for March, not much different to February's to be honest. Also linking this with Lucky Snapping .  Last months view is here

Had a lovely day at the NEC on Sunday, although it was a very long one. Alarms went off at 4am and I got home at 11.15pm!! Think I am still catching up with myself.  The company was good and not too much spent!!!  
Update on the leg, I did a 20min walk this afternoon as instructed to by the physio, prior to seeing him in the morning.  Have to confess to not wanting to walk for any longer, which was not the result I was hoping for :(  Still see what he says tomorrow.
Mick and I are off to Bath tomorrow for a few days til Sunday, whilst Amanda goes to Bristol to see her sister and her boyfriend (Amanda's that is).  So looking forward to that.  I have never been to Bath but always wanted to so hoping the weather stays dry for us :) 


  1. Hope you enjoy Bath, Karen, I love it, but beware, the traffic is pretty bad at the best of times. Best thing would be to leave your car wherever you are staying and enjoy the city on foot (if your leg will cope), or by bus - there is plenty to see, and there will be plenty of tourists, mostly Japanese, even at this time of year.

  2. Thanks for joining in again with the challenge :)

    That is a long day indeed but always worth it when you have had a lovely day away.

    I hope the leg is ok and you have a good week! xxx

  3. Love your view because there is no snow and it is perfectly taken - one could make a painting based on it. Have a lovely time in Bath - I've heard a lot about it and would love to visit it one day.

  4. glad to hear your back on your feet - enjoy Bath x

  5. Our February and March view wouldn't have been much different either if Roland hadn't been out there tidying.

  6. Have a fab time in bath, I have never been so you will have to let me know what it's like x

  7. lovely view and that was a long day at the NEC.

  8. My view didn't look very different except for sunshine and gardening!
    have a great time in bath this weekend, look forward to some photos and do hope that shin is improving xx

  9. Calling by for a catch up, hope you enjoyed Bath, lovely city. Sorry I have not been participating here much recently but know you understand why.


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